Hole-In-Ones to Report

TWO Weekend ACES’s at OCC

ACE #2  Jim Bilowith

Sunday, September 16, 2018
3rd Hole ~ 152 Yards ~ 6 Hybrid
Witnessed by Derek Doran, Robert Delisle, & Peter Bergmans

As stated by Derek Doran, “Pretty shot, on the pin, Tee to Hole.”

ACE #1  Travis Dudley

Saturday, September 15, 2018
13th Hole ~ 9 Iron ~ White Tees ~ 134 Yards
Witnessed by Jon Snyder, Tyler Darling, Lincoln Martin, & Ezra Spring

It was the Glow Ball Scramble Event. Played after dark, this fun casual game of six holes plays on holes 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, and 18.

This was Travis’s 1st Hole-In-One! His group was actually on their way in from a great night of GLOW BALL and decided to play the 13th Hole again. Is it a true Hole-In-One? Of course it is!!! There was a shot made and it went in the hole, complete with witnesses. Congratulations Travis!

August 1994 ~ Two Aces within the Hour 

Submitted by Martha Kinsley September 2018

ACE #1  Martha Kinsley

Friday, August 26, 1994
3rd Hole ~ 5 Iron ~ 135 yards
Witnessed by Brian Kinsley, Chuck Dudley, & Terry Dudley

On Friday, August 26, 1994 Brian and Martha Kinsley were playing in the ‘Nine and Dine’ with Terry and Chuck Dudley. The format was a scramble. At the first tee, Chuck announced that the group should try to get birdies on every hole. They all jokingly agreed to his announcement, but thought it next to impossible.

As it turned out, the team did get birdies on 6 holes, parred 2, and Martha had a hole-in-one on Hole 3. Terry and Martha were both putting so well that the men each had to sink only one putt. Chuck was so excited with the team score; they shot a 28! Not realizing how well they had done, Chuck was clear in letting his team know what a special night it was. He deemed the evening “Our Divine Nine – The most incredible nine holes of golf we have ever witnessed… (much less to have participated in).”

As the group reminisced, Chuck was able to provide a blow-by-blow account of their nine holes of golf with the greatest of detail. Memories of the evening of August 26, 1994 will always be there with vivid recall—a very special time together!!

ACE #2  Robert Delisle

Friday, August 26, 1994
3rd Hole ~ 5 Iron ~ 152 yards
Witnessed by Peter Bergmans & Derek Doran

Martha Kinsley shares more of the story for this historic Hole-In-One night at OCC.

Brian Kinsley’s brother Brent was in the group behind the “Divine Nine” group and behind him was Robert Delisle, Peter Bergmans, and Derek Doran. Robert also shot a hole-in-one on Hole 3.

Back then Hole-In-One Insurance covered everyone’s drinks back at the clubhouse. That night there were two free drinks for everyone.

As reported in the Newport Daily Express Wednesday, August 31, 1994

At the Orleans Country Club on Friday, the par 3, 3rd hole yielded two hole-in-ones in less than an hour.The first ace was collected by Martha Kinsley who was playing in a foursome with her husband Brian and Chuck and Terry Dudley. A short while later Robert Delisle scored the second of the day on the same hole playing with Peter Bergmans and Derek Doran.